About  Protection of Personal Data

About  Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with Article 10 of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 dated 24/3/2016 (KVKK),  this info text is presented to data subjects by Binat Communication & Consultancy and Yapı Media Communication.

Personal data processed through pnristanbul.com website may be used to inform data subjects about products, activities, campaigns, to evaluate customer complaints and suggestions regarding our products and services.

Your personal data may be shared with the partners, affiliates, legally authorized public institutions and organizations, administrative authorities and legal authorities of PNR.istanbul organization in accordance to personal data processing requirements and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law no. 6698.

In accordance with Article 11 of the Law no. 6698, data subjects can contact the organization to get informed about their personal data or to change their affiliation and communication preferences at any time.